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Talking about stopping drain pain

Published on 2 May 2021 at 14:12

Hello, my name is Lisa,
The first and Last Drain Pain is one of my problems. The drain pain can occur using manual and using the PD machine treatment. Matter of fact with me the manual initial drain hurts me more than the PD machine. The PD equipment I use for my treatment is the Baxter Amia automate PD system.
What I notice during my home treatment the PD equipment at the start of my first initial drain the hydraulic suction at the blink of an eye pulls 23ml out causing me much pain. I decided to try using a manual bag of solution to put at least 100ml inside me. I found this stopped the first part of the initial drain pain. This allowed the hydraulic suction more fluids to work with. This gave me 75% more control stopping my drain pain on the first initial drain. I would love for our wonderful engineers and programmers to go back to the drawing board and design the PD system giving me 100% control. Trust me the patient knows when they are full of body fluid and when they are empty. When I first start feeling tight inside me, I know, I am empty and ready for my first fill.
The last drain I have control and can end treatment before getting hit with drain pain.
My son put together this video for me to share with others.
If you or a loved one is on PD please share with us what you have learned. If you have a video that has helped you or a loved one let us know and we will be happy to share it here.


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